I love LA

Thank you Costco

The last few days didn’t go the way I planned to say the least.  But such is life right.  After 3 years of my life in the comforts of a relationship I am going to be stepping out on my own.  Am I scared?  Very.  Am I strong and capable?  Very.  Will I be ok?  For sure.  Will it be tough?  For sure.  Do I still have a great friend in this person? For sure.  Time to put on my big girl pants and take care of business.  Sure there will be more tears.  But there will be a light.  I have support.  I have my faith.  I don’t have a bed or money to buy one but hey I have an air mattress.  I’ll be ok. I will be better than ok.  I will thrive. I will get back on my healthy train.  I will become the best version of myself I possibly can.   I cant wait to see what this great city of LA has to offer in my new beginning.

For now off in my little red corvette