Oh monday you come every week with a vengeance.  You never ask my permission you just show up taking with you all the gloriousness that is the weekend.  But with monday comes the feeling of freshness.  Today was a good day for me.  Although it was a hectic first half. I desperately wanted to keep sleeping after the alarm rang its loud bells.  It was a late night after a chaotic scene picking up the boy from LAX.  But alas I rolled over and saw that it was indeed monday and I had to get up.  I will always skimp on hair and make up before I skimp on breakfast.   So a delicious egg burritos was consumed. Rush rush rush…enter large coffee…work work work…managers finally leave to catch their flight and with them the deadline was finished.

After a slow second half I was looking forward to my workout at Circuit Works Venice.  I love the feeling after a hard high intensity circuit training workout.  I feel strong and a strong sense of accomplishment. One sense of accomplishment just leads to the craving for another and another and another.  I have been feeling on a roll with my workouts.  I sometimes slip off the healthy living train and it feels so good to get back on.  The past few weeks I have been consistent with my workouts and that is really key.  Even if you can’t do much in a day do something that will make you feel good.  Lately that has been running and a lot of yoga.  Consistency is the key to making it a real habit and part of your life.  And when things get off track Monday always rolls around with a new week to start over and be the strong accomplished person you want to be.  I intend to stay on my roll.  Who’s rollin with me? 🙂 It makes me a better me for me and for everyone around me and who doesn’t want that.

Oh and operation feel good in a bikini starts now…think Britney circa 2004.

Brit Brit Ill always love you..but Im coming for your abs..well your old abs but you only get better with age.

Total resemblance right?

Just put a boa on my neck wipe the shine off..serious yuck keep it down on the sunscreen next time..and put me on stage.  I’m still trying to learn that bikini confidence that some people seem to have so naturally…but fake it till you make it right!  In fact I’m sure most are.  I live in So Cal and that’s how we roll.

I could go on about women and our insecurities…but thats a whole different post.  Off to be really lazy.

Please brag about your workouts!