I  started a blog to have a creative outlet as I navigate the journey that is my mid twenties.  I am trying to stress less let go and just live my life more organically.  Maintaining a healthy balanced life is my number one priority.

We’ll start with the short version…

*Moved to Los Angeles May of 2009  from Jacksonville, Florida with wide eyes and an open heart.

*God Worshiper

*Yogi, runner,  full on foodie enthusiast, oatmeal obsessed, wine lover

*Because it deserves its own line.. Peanut Butter maniac…I would marry it if it were legal in the state of california..then date almond and sunflower butter on the side.

*I am DONE with diets.

*Interior designer, lover of all things vintage, hollywood glamour, and purple

House of model Jessica Stam-Elle Decor

*Florida State University graduate

*Daughter, girlfriend, friend

*Girl learning to not take myself seriously

*Person with lots going on in my head and choosing to express it

*Person wanting to share my passion for a healthy balanced life and feeling the best in your skin.

*Football fanatic, Tennis geek

*Animal lover with serious dog fever

*Lover of the great city of Las Vegas

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my world.